Evergreen residential home aims to achieve these six key values in care delivery for our residents.

Privacy:- To preserve the individual’s confidentiality.

Allowing them to exercise control over their personal lives

Ensuring their right to view, and comment upon their own care records.

Dignity:- To have regard for the uniqueness of each individual, including their physical and mental abilities, their beliefs and preferences, regardless of race, culture,gender,religion, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Independence:- To provide the least restrictive alternatives to anyone who wishes to remain, or to become independent.

Integrity:- To act in a consistent and even handed way in all aspects of our relationship with the individual service user and in decisions we make which affect, or impact upon service users.

Self Determination:- To respect the individuals wishes, even if this involves them in risks, so long as such risks are not damaging to others or potentially life threatening to themselves.

Choice:- To ensure that full, detailed, and clear information is always available about our services and the way that decisions are reached.

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Our Aims and Objectives

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