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Everything is further away than it used to be. It is twice as far to the corner and I just noticed that they have added a hill. I’ve given up running for the bus, it leaves faster than it used to. Stairs seem to be steeper than a few years ago, and have you noticed the smaller print used in today's newspapers? It’s no use asking someone to read the paper to you as they all speak with such soft voices, I can hardly hear them. And the material  in clothes is so skimpy now, especially around the waist ! It’s almost impossible to reach down to my shoe laces now. Have my legs stretched?

Even people are changing. They are so much younger than they were when I was that age. On the other hand people my age are so much older than I am nowadays. I ran across an old friend the other day and she had aged so much that she didn't even recognise me. I was thinking about her this morning while fixing my hair, and glanced in the mirror. Why cant they make good mirrors anymore.

If any of the above relates to you, maybe you should get in touch with  Evergreen Residential Home

Visitors are welcome at all times

Should residents wish they can entertain visitors in the lounge, dining room or our conservatory.

Naturally guests can be entertained in residents own rooms to enable you to talk in private.

Visitors who arrive or are are already hear at meal times are welcome to have tea or coffee in the conservatory whilst residents finish their meals.

Visitors are welcome to have tea or coffee while visiting at Evergreen.

Food for Thought

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